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Provac Australia (VIC) Pty Ltd are experts in Underground Service Locating & Hydro Vacuum Excavation

We will help you locate underground infrastructure, such as pipes and cables, so that you can avoid accidentally damaging underground infrastructure. Failing to do research prior to digging or drilling leaves you liable for all damages to utility lines.   Provac Victoria also offers hydro vacuum excavation which is a non-destructive digging (NDD) approach that allows for safe excavations. Hydro excavation helps to maintains surrounding terrain and avoids damage to utility lines.

For the very best Hydro Vacuum Excavation services in Melbourne and Victoria wide.

Provac is an industry leader in Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) Hydro Vacuum Excavation and Underground Service Locating, specialising in Government departments and civil construction to areas throughout Melbourne and Victoria wide.

Provac is the most trusted name in cable locations and all underground utility locations, helping prevent underground utility damage and associated down-time and repair costs.

Our fully qualified and accredited team of technicians are highly skilled in locating underground services and in performing vacuum excavation.Our underground utility location services and vacuum excavation is highly regarded across Melbourne, Greater Victoria, Queensland, and Australia-Wide, for being the best.

We are the leaders in damage prevention and vacuum excavations

As leaders in vacuum excavation and underground service locations in Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia wide we are also committed to providing value for money. Our solutions are highly sophisticated and with our specialised machinery, we find that most companies save money on their operational costs.

Before doing any excavation work in Melbourne and across Victoria – Dial Before You Dig

All of our technicians are Dial Before You Dig certified. Dial Before You Dig provides a referral service for locating underground utilities.
It does not matter how big or small your project is, you need to dial before you dig. Whether you have a big construction project looming or you are planning some landscaping that might require some digging, Dial Before You Dig can recommend that you speak with Provac so you don’t end up with any damage to underground utilities.

You have a duty of care

Everyone has a duty of care not to damage underground utilities. Before embarking on any excavation project in Melbourne and the greater Victorian region, engaging Provac and their cable locator service is imperative. There are thousands of kilometers of network cables right beneath our very feet, and because of that, taking a moment to Dial Before You Dig can save you time and a lot of unnecessary repair expenses.

Vacuum excavation and underground utility locations puts customer care first

Provac’s underground utility location and non-destructive digging vacuum excavation services in Melbourne and wider Victoria puts customer care first. We keep our customers abreast of any developments as the project continues and we give our full commitment to completing all projects on time and on a budget. As a result of our customer service, our client list includes government and non-government companies along with both large and small businesses.

Excavation services performed by the best

Our excavation services, cable locator, and underground utility locator services are second to none mostly due to our commitment to staff development. Not only are all our staff Dig Before You Dial accredited, we invest heavily in not only keeping abreast of best practices and technologies in our field but surpassing them. Combined with our state-of-the-art technology, it’s clear to see how we got our sterling reputation.

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For peace of mind before undertaking any vacuum excavation work in Melbourne and Victoria wide, be sure to contact us.

  • Dial before you dig certified
  • QR Accredited
  • End-to-end service; we do it all, from start to finish
  • B2B Focused
  • Same day service availability
  • Top of the line specialist equipment

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Underground Service Locating

January 25 2021

Avoid Expensive Repairs With Underground Service Locating Revised

Excavation is a necessary, but often risky process. In modern developments there are numerous services and utilities located underground, such as:
  • Water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Phone cables
  • Power cables
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Drainage systems
To name just a few. When heavy and more traditional machinery is brought in to excavate a trench or dig holes for the installation of poles and signs, for example, there is the risk of inadvertently causing damage to underground services. If this occurs, those


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