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Hydro Vacuum Excavation Melbourne

We offer non-destructive digging with hydro vacuum excavation in Melbourne and wider Victoria.

As an industry leader in hydro excavations, cable locations and all underground service locating, the demand for our services have seen us expand into Melbourne and the wider Victorian market place.

With today’s stringent safety procedures, rules and regulations our vacuum excavations are a fool-proof way of getting the job done quickly, efficiently and without damage to any underground services.

Provac will ensure that you won’t damage or destroy any underground services whilst digging.

What is hydro vacuum excavation Melbourne?

Vacuum excavations, also known as hydro excavations, is a form of non-destructive digging (NDD). This type of excavation is fast becoming the most popular method of excavation, when carrying out work in the vicinity of any underground assets.

Vacuum excavation uses keyhole technology to identify underground services and minimises the risk of damage to even the thinnest underground cables. The process starts with high-pressure water being applied to the soil to break it down.

The soil is then excavated via a vacuum hose and is collected in our vacuum tank, eliminating any need for further clean ups, keeping the site both tidy and safe. Hydro excavation work using a vacuum excavation truck has proved to cause the least amount of inconvenience to the public, and greatly reduces the risk of any inconveniences.

Why do I need a vacuum excavation company like Provac?

Utility damage was quite common in the past and the inconvenience caused to both the asset owners and your company can be costly.

Not only do you need to consider your liability, you also need to consider the down-time needed for the repairs to be undertaken, both can end up blowing out your project budget.

What are the benefits of hydro vacuum excavations?

The benefits of vacuum excavation services are ten-fold. Not leaving yourself vulnerable to potential issues due to so many underground assets beneath the surface in Melbourne and greater Victoria during your construction project is worth the peace of mind alone.

Here are some of the many benefits of using vacuum excavation:

  • First and foremost, safety. The chance of personal injury or death by hitting electrical cables or gas mains is significantly reduced.
  • Damage prevention is a big factor to consider. The financial implications of hitting and damaging underground assets can be enormous, and not to mention how it can tarnish your reputation for those people that rely on those services.
  • When the area is highly congested, vacuum excavation limits the area needed and affected by the work, causing minimal disruption.

For the best non-destructive digging in Melbourne, call Provac

Hydro excavation is an NDD service of excavation that is fast, effective and causes minimal mess and inconvenience. At Provac, we provide this service alongside our wide variety of utility locating and ground penetrating radar services. 

If you require specialist services throughout Melbourne and Victoria wide, or wish to hire one of our vac trucks in Melbourne, call us today on 1300 734 772 or fill out our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Vac Truck work?

Hydro Vacuum Excavation uses pressurised water to break up the earth’s surface and soil which is then removed through a vacuum system and deposited into a debris holding tank to be disposed of at the end of the job.

What size Vac Trucks do you have?

At Provac Australia we have a selection of Vac truck sizes ranging from as little as 1000L trailer mounted units to as big as 12,000L truck mounted units. Our most commonly used truck size ranges between 5,000L – 8,000L units.

Will my job require non destructive digging with a Vac truck?

Digging safely with a vac truck is highly recommended when underground services are present within a job site dig area. It is your duty of care and responsibility to follow the appropriate steps of action to identify that there may or may not be underground services within your dig area.

How long does it take to dig with a vac truck?

Depending on the scopes of the job it can sometimes be quicker, easier and safer to use a Vac truck to excavate. The type of ground can also affect the time it takes to dig with a Vac truck. For example it can be much quicker to dig in and trough sand as opposed to digging in and through a rocky subsurface.

How long is the vac truck hose and gerni wand?

Our Vac trucks are all equipped with suction hose and gerni wand extensions. All of our trucks carry a minimum of 20m of extension hose but can carry up towards 60m of extension hose on board. Our gerni wands can be adjusted from 1.5m in length up to 3.0m in length.

How deep can you dig with a Vac truck?

Depending on the type of ground that you are digging in, A vac truck can typically dig up to 3.5m deep. On some projects our Vac trucks are used to dig in holes that have been mechanically excavated and properly shored and benched for our operators safety.

Can you dig a service trench to install new underground services?

Yes. Our services are often called upon by Electricians and Plumbers who are wishing to install new pipes and cables. We have dug trenches for some of our electrical clients that have been 1m deep and up to 80-100m long.

Can you dig footings/post holes for fences and platforms?

Yes. We are often called upon by fencing and signage contractors to dig the footings for new fences and signs that need to be erected around other underground services.

Do you have a vac truck small enough to access tight areas such as; gardens and private properties?

Yes. We have a top of the range Vermeer Trailer Mounted Unit with a 2000L holding capacity. This trailer unit is towed by a 4wd and is used to access properties and all your hard to reach places where a regular Vac truck would not be able to get to.

Can you suck away sewer waste?

We deal with sewer waste on a case by case basis only. We can work safely around damaged sewer infrastructure but we do not suck sewer slurry away from holding tanks and portable toilets.

What are the benefits of vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation is a faster, safer, and more precise excavation method than traditional methods. It reduces disruption, is environmentally friendly, and minimises the risk of damage to underground infrastructure.

What are the three main types of excavation?

Excavation techniques can be categorised based on their intended purpose, such as foundation, slope, or underground opening excavation. In a broader context, there are three main types of excavation methods: digging, ripping, and blasting.

What is the most efficient excavation?

Hydro excavation is considered the most efficient type of vacuum excavation due to its speed. It can remove soil from sites faster than traditional excavation and air excavation methods, which reduces the need for additional equipment and labour, and allows contractors to excavate effectively.

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