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Underground utility locations and service locator in Melbourne

Whilst you might have access to your site plans and site inspections may have been done on your Melbourne or greater Victoria project, you only have half the picture if you haven’t ordered an underground utility location report.

As professional service locators, we know that many utility services are opting to place their utility services underground, it has become quite a minefield for the construction industry, plumbers, electricians and even domestic homeowners.

Why do you need an underground utility location service for your Melbourne or Victorian site?

Before undertaking any construction work or digging, knowing what’s beneath you is imperative. Here’s why.

Without an underground cable locator, the likelihood of hitting the myriad of lines and connections is pretty high.

With the stringent safety laws in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia-wide, it would be a breach of your duty of care to let any workers dig or excavate blindly. Should they hit a gas line or a power cable, it can be a health and safety risk, which can even lead to fatalities.

You have a duty of care not to hit utility services, and as such, failure to perform the necessary underground utility location services can lead to hefty repair fees.

Not only would you be liable for the cost of fixing the damaged cable, you need to consider the negative consequences to your brand and/or image and the inconvenience caused to the public whilst these services are restored.

Repairs to underground services can take considerable time, so you also need to factor in the down-time to your project and the costs associated with idle machinery and staff.

What can an underground utility locator find?

Provac’s fully comprehensive cable locator and utility locator services are imperative before you start any excavation work in Melbourne, or Australia-wide. We help identify the location of;

  • Gas pipes
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Electrical cables
  • Water pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Stormwater pipes
  • Fibre optic cables

Underground services serve an important purpose

Everyone has a duty of care when it comes to underground networks, whether it’s a high-rise construction or a simple washing line being installed in a domestic dwelling, it’s important to know what your responsibilities are and why.

Why choose Provac for your utility locating services

Our technical team are all Dial Before You Dig certified, and are at the forefront of advances in the field of locating technology and best practices, so you get the very best manpower backed up by modern technology.

Call Provac today to ensure your project doesn’t hit a road block

For a full visual insight so you know the lay of the land, both above and below, call Provac now on 1300 734 772 or fill out our contact form, to discuss an underground utility location service.

Provac, experienced service locators, servicing Melbourne and Victoria wide.

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