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We offer underground service locating & hydro excavation services to Victoria

Services include:

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) – Vacuum Excavantion

We have hydro vacuum excavation trucks which is a form of non-destructive digging (NDD). They use a pressurised water system to break up soil, gravel and other earth materials. A high-flow vacuum then sucks the dirt up and stores it inside the truck – ready to be dumped appropriately.

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

The GPR technology allows you to find what is beneath your feet. The technology can detect anything from structures, utilities, water, voids, rock and more. It works by sending electromagnetic radiation waves into the ground to detect what’s below you. The signal is send back using a receiving antenna which will produce readable data so that you know anything you should about the subsurface factors.

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Underground Service Locating

Don’t worry if there are any buried pipelines or cables, the underground service locating technology from Provac will find them. This technology uses electromagnetic frequencies to locate underground service lines so that you can dig or drill down without damaging any service lines.

Prior to any work on both private and public property, you have a legal requirement to contact Before You Dig Australia and ask for any plans of underground services in the area you intend to drill or dig in. Failing to do so, can leave you liable for any damage and costs.

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