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Why Should You Consider Hydro Excavation?

There are numerous benefits to using hydro excavation in your construction projects. It is largely non-destructive and can be more cost-effective than traditional excavation methods.

Hydro excavation is a method that is non-destructive and can reduce the risk of damaging underground utilities. It is more cost-effective than traditional excavation and does not require the destruction of existing structures. It can also save time and money since it does not require the use of heavy equipment.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation uses pressurised water and a vacuum to expose underground utilities. A handheld wand releases the water, washing away the soil safely. After the process, a debris hose moves the excavated soil to a waste tank.

This method reduces the risk of damaging underground utilities by locating existing pipes and sewers without damaging them. The hydro excavation also helps contractors identify where underground lines are located so that they don’t disrupt them.

What Are The Benefits of Hydro Excavation?

There are multiple advantages to using hydro excavation in your construction projects, including increased safety and precision. It also reduces costs by using less manpower than conventional methods. The method also leaves a clean excavation area.

Additionally, it minimises damage to the soil, trees, and roads. The method can also be used to remove contaminated materials, which lowers liability and insurance costs.

Hydro excavation is faster than traditional digging methods. It can complete large jobs in a matter of hours, requiring a smaller crew. In addition, hydro excavation is safer than manual digging.

Traditional methods of excavation use heavy machinery and labour-intensive methods. The use of explosives in these processes adds additional risks to workers and the environment. In addition, the use of hand tools and heavy machinery can cause damage to existing infrastructure. Some utilities have been known to be ruined by shovel strikes, so reducing the risk of damaging these structures is crucial to reducing downtime and repair costs.

Additionally, water jets remove soil and debris from buried structures, making it easier to make repairs. Hydro excavation reduces the risk of damaging existing infrastructure, thereby reducing downtime and additional expenses. In addition to minimising risk, the hydro excavation also reduces waste, which eliminates the need for additional site cleanup and disposal.

Another advantage of hydro excavation is its accuracy. It reduces the amount of ground disturbance, eliminating the need for backfill and other labour.

Another significant benefit of hydro excavation is its speed and safety. Traditional excavation methods use heavy machinery that can damage existing infrastructure. Shovel strikes are responsible for up to 75% of all utility damage. Underground utilities can be damaged by hand tools and heavy machinery while performing traditional excavation methods.

Repairing and replacing these utilities is costly and slows down the progress of the job. By contrast, hydro excavation uses a high-pressure water jet that penetrates all kinds of ground without damaging any underground utilities.

Ultimately, hydro excavation is a safer, more effective way to complete excavation projects. It limits the chance of hitting underground utilities and minimises the risks of injuries and damage. The hydro excavation also enables more precise digging, which requires less time and soil removal. It is more accurate, involves less labor, and has fewer negative environmental effects.

Overall, including hydro excavation in your construction projects will improve worker safety while lowering expenses and the chance of causing damage to existing infrastructure. It’s a win-win situation!

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