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What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar, most commonly referred to as a GPR, is a geophysical tool that uses radar pulses to collect data from beneath the subsurface. A GPR is utilized by underground utility locators, geophysical engineers, archaeologists and even the military!

How does a GPR work?

A GPR uses electromagnetic radiation waves which detect the signals reflected from subsurface structures. (As seen in the image above). As the GPR is pushed across the surface the signal waves are reflected from subsurface structures such as objects, pipes, changes in material properties, voids, trenches and cracks.

Performance and accuracy of a GPR rely heavily on the subsurface ground conditions. For example, the radar pulses reflect and detect much better in sandy subsurface conditions versus rocky ground conditions.

Why do we use GPR’s?

At Provac Australia all of our Service Locating vehicles are equipped with a GPR. Our DBYD accredited locators are trained and efficient in using a GPR to assist in their underground utility detection services. A GPR is a great tool to use when looking for services which are non-conductive and impossible to trace using traditional electromagnetic frequency methods.

We use our GPR methods to assist when locating Water, Sewer and Stormwater pipes which are often made out of PVC, Polyethylene and Asbestos Cement. All of which are generally hard to locate using traditional methods.

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