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Dangers of Hitting an Underground Utility

underground utility locating services

What are the dangers of hitting an underground utility

Don’t let an exploding housing market become a real explosion.

Australia is experiencing a residential construction boom. With house prices spiralling out of control, some much needed construction is levelling the playing field.

Did you know, more homes were built than ever before in 2015 – 2016?

With construction seeing such an increase, it’s more important than ever that the correct protocol is followed.

With a myriad of underground utility service cables, it’s imperative that you Dial Before You Dig. Without engaging an underground utility locating services, you are essentially digging blindly, and this can have some dangerous, if not fatal, consequences.

What are the consequences of hitting an underground utility?

Gas pipes

Hitting a gas pipe can be potentially dangerous and even fatal. If you cause a gas leak, all it can take is one spark to cause an explosion. In the event of this happening, you can expect the police, fire engines and potentially the media, to be on-site pretty quickly. The area will need to be evacuated so the leak can be contained safely. Once the media get wind of a gas leak, you can guarantee some negative press.

Once the imminent danger is out of the way, it can unfortunately bring your project to a grinding halt. You and your company can be buried in paperwork, and there will need to be a full investigation into why the pipe was hit and if the correct procedures were followed prior to the incident. This could lead to legal action being taken against you and/or your company.

Aside from all the formalities, you can guarantee that local residents and businesses that are being evacuated are not going to look favourably on your company.

Power cables

If you are digging and hit a power cable, you can be electrocuted. It can cause brain damage, loss of limbs or even death.

If you cut power to the area, you might be up for a hefty repair bill, and the backlash from some angry residents that are quite literally left in the dark.

Water lines

Hitting a water pipe can cause considerable damage. Once hit, the water pressure can force the water in a variety of directions. The force of the water can go upwards, taking with it loose debris and endangering those in the local vicinity. The force also has the potential to cause damage to other underground utilities, only adding to your repair bill.

Who is liable for hitting an underground utility?

Quite simply, you are. Why get stuck with a costly repair bill, when you can Dial Before You Dig. By speaking with Provac, we can give you a clear picture of your project and help you avoid any unnecessary incidents. Our underground utility locating services, will give you a clear picture of your project.

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