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What are ground-penetrating radars used for, and how do they work?

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an essential instrument for safely obtaining underground utility information.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology is an integral part of the underground locating process. GPR can locate what lies below a surface without any excavation occurring. It is a common method of utility locating, used along with other technologies such as hydro vacuum trucks and CAD modelling.

GPRs are not only used to detect underground pipes and cables but they’re also utilised by experts from various industries for other underground locating tasks. For example, they may also be used by archaeologists who need to examine the surface of the earth for bone structures.

How does the technology work?

The GPR uses high-frequency radio waves to penetrate the Earth’s surface and collect data from below, and it reflects signals and images of subsurface structures. Electromagnetic waves are created as the device is moved across the ground’s surface, uncovering changes in the soil beneath to identify features such as cables, pipes, and rocks.

The performance of GPRs is highly influenced by the state of the underlying ground. In general, soil or sand-based settings work better with this technology than rock-based settings. It is due to the fact that soil and sand-based environments have greater electrical conductivity, which makes for smoother transmission between the surface and subsurface.

Why ground penetrating radar technology is used

Using GPR technology, nonconductive services may be discovered that are otherwise undetectable using conventional digging techniques. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is often utilised to help find pipe locations, groundwater, electric cables, concrete structures, and other underground features.

Our GPR technology is employed in conjunction with both conventional locating methods and non-destructive digging technology. Our technicians are all experienced in operating ground-penetrating radars, which are a standard part of all our underground service locating vehicles.

How a GPR contractor can help with your project

Because there is a danger of damaging assets such as water pipes and underground cables, you must conduct an adequate study before beginning any digging for your project.

Prior to digging, we recommend that you contact the team of cable locators at Provac Australia. We understand that utility service maps are critical to avoid disruptions, and we can provide you with these. Our team is able to accurately locate subsurface objects using the latest technology in GPR systems.

Ground Penetrating Radar in Melbourne and Greater Victoria

At Provac, we have over a decade of experience in using state-of-the-art GPR technology to locate underground assets. By using the latest GPR technology and scanning technologies available on the market, we can get the most accurate GPR scanning data for our clients. By using the very best scanning services and GPR equipment, we are able to create an underground service map that meets the requirements of your specific project.

GPR in Melbourne

If you are looking to commence a project in Melbourne or Greater Victoria, discover how we can help with your project by clicking here for a free quote.

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