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How to discover underground assets in a safe manner

Before doing any work, it’s critical to locate underground utilities.

It’s critical to avoid damaging any subterranean cables or utility services if your project requires digging underground. If you have intentions of digging, whether on a construction location or a tiny backyard project, you have a duty of care and obligation to follow the underground service locating procedures outlined by the law.

You can avoid causing any damage to services and lowering your chances of being held responsible for injuries or financial losses by finding underground utilities such as buried mains, pipes, and cables. There are several steps to follow in order to ensure that all underground services are accurately located.

Acquire Before You Dig plans

No matter your project, it is your responsibility to acquire Dial Before You Dig plans for any job that needs work done below the earth’s surface. This process is the essential first step for any project. Dial Before You Dig is the Government body which assists homeowners and project managers in acquiring plans from underground asset owners such as Telstra and Energex.

Unfortunately, receiving Dial Before You Dig plans is not a guarantee of clear passage. Although they have use in giving one a general understanding of where everything is beneath the surface, these plans are only a suggestion rather than an accurate map. Furthermore, in some situations, the plans received may be outdated, causing problems.

Therefore, employing a professional asset locator to map the location where you will be performing underground activities is critical.

Seek assistance from a professional utility locator

The vast network of underground pipes and cables which exist below Melbourne and other big cities across Australia and worldwide are constructed using various materials. All of these materials interact differently with locating technology. 

An experienced underground asset locator is able to extract and understand the data on the Dial Before You Dig plans given above. These cable locators can utilise specially designed technology to ensure no damage is caused to buried cables and pipes, and differentiate between the materials used. With this information, they are able to provide a solution for you in regards to safely excavating around them.

How asset locators perform utility locating

Underground locators use a suite of location technologies, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic locators. They also employ frequency locators, cable locators, magnetometers and acoustic pipe locators for this purpose. These tools and equipment work with excellent precision.

Underground utility locating made easy

Provac is a service locating entity with years of experience in providing industry-leading solutions across Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Using state of the art technology, Provac Victoria can accurately locate all underground cables and pipes without needing to dig, let alone cause damage.

To discover more about the range of underground services that Provac offers in Victoria, be sure to visit our services page.

If you are looking to obtain an obligation-free quote on utility locating, be sure to call Provac Victoria on 1300 734 772 or get in touch today.

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